What is sous-vide cooking?

Sous-vide is a unique cooking method first popularized by high-end restaurants. With sous-vide, we place raw ingredients into BPA-free bags, vacuum seal them up and submerge them in water. The temperature of the water then cooks the food long and slow for over two hours. The end result?

    • Healthier Food: 40-80% greater nutrient retention than traditional cooking
    • Tastier Food: Everything marinates in the meat juices inside of the bags for more than 2 hours creating a juicy meat explosion of flavors that dogs love.

Just look at that sous-vide yumminess being enjoyed our Chief Office Pup Lola!

Did we mention she's the queen of picky eaters? Yep, she's a hard one to please and she's been eating Grocery Pup with joy and gusto each and every day since we started 😍 💕.


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