What inspired the creation of Grocery Pup?

Our Chief Pup Officer, Lola! She’s the peanut butter to our jelly. The oreo to our milk!  She’s a rockstar pup who we love more than anything.


When founders Ruth and Javier got Lola, they wanted to feed Lola a healthy unprocessed diet. Just like the food they put in their own bodies, they knew that the food they would feed Lola would have a big impact on the quality of her life.

However, when they got Lola, the only unprocessed food available was raw dog food. But, Lola didn’t like raw food. Just because she didn’t like raw, they didn’t think they should have to go back to feeding her heavily processed kibble or canned food. So they looked into a gently cooked food option. And voilà! Grocery Pup was born :)

Lola now happily eats her fresh Grocery Pup food each and every meal. And, today she’s on a mission to share her delicious and healthy eats with all of the pups!

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